The Magic Multibagger

Today i am going to share Top 10 Stocks with you according to a strategy  which is endorsed by Warren Buffet, written in “the little book that beats the Market” by Joel Greenblatt. Joel Greenblatt runs a hedge fund named Gotham Capital and has compounded capital at 40% for 20 years from 1985 to 2006. In the Book, Joel Greenblatt gives out his Magic Formula. The Result’s of the Magic Formula in the US Markets have been Amazing and has delivered 30.8% between 1988 and 2004 with delivering negative returns only once.

My Learnings From 2016

2016 was all about Anti-Consensus, a year where most analyst went wrong most of the Time. Personally i delivered the worse performance in 6 years even though it was positive it was below my historical standards, but my learning curve has gone to the next level. We Started 2016 at 7946 on Nifty and we will probably end it at between 7900 and 8000. But nifty doesn’t show the volatility an investor has gone through in 2016. #Anticoncensus 1 – Crude Price Doubles- 2016 Started with Fall of Crude Price. The consensus target among Large Investment banks like Goldman Sacks, Barclays, RBS etc for Crude price Target was 10-15$, well as we see it today, crude prices have doubled from its February low of 26$. I

Multibaggers for 2017

The Question that is constantly asked to me is what will be the Multibaggers for 2017? Today i am going to discuss a technique which i we have been using at stallion for last many years – Look at macro Disruptions like change in government policy, change in prices of input/output etc. Find Beneficiaries of that disruption and buy Them. I will give you a Year by Year Example these Macro disruptions have created Multibaggers since i got in the Advisory business and how every year we have invested in it. 1) 2013- USDINR Crisis- A Year where USD:INR depreciated 25.5% in first 9 months,the key beneficiary were exporters like IT and Pharma. we went long IT and Pharma Stocks like Indoco Remedies, RS Software, Mindtree,

Investing Style

Our Investment philosophy is often compared to Basant Maheshwari’s Strategy, we at Stallion have a lot of respect for him. Today i want to share our consistent strategy of creating wealth for our clients. At Stallion Asset’s core is its Unique Philosophy of catching large trends in the Market. We are not interested in 10-20% up moves; instead look at buying companies that can give our clients multiple time (multibagger) returns. Our Niche lies in buying great Midcap companies which are often ignored by the Analyst Community. How do we catch the Trend? Our Investment Philosophy is backed tested by 22 years of Historical Research of the biggest wealth creators in any 3 year period starting 1994. History has shown that Wealth is Created

Life after 8th of November

Quest for Multibaggers? Change is the biggest creator of Alpha, the spending patterns, business models going forward are expected to change drastically and if you can catch the right boat, wealth will be created. Its been a volatile last 2 weeks, portfolio’s have taken a knock as local investors are nervous about demonetization whereas FII’s about the Emerging Market story. Markets have very short memory and to be honest predicting the market is for fools. The worlds largest hedge fund said a day before election results that if trump were to win, the Dow Jones would fall by 2,000 Points, and you know what has happened to Dow Jones after that Click Here to read the Forecast. I

US Elections Impact

Today is Voting in the US, the media has like always been successful in creating a lot of hype around the election. As soon as elections are over, the media will focus on FED Meeting in December and then probably UP elections. You can’t be buying and Selling based on these media hypes. I am not denying that there was no Risk in these events, the problem is there are very few in this World who can predict these events and even fewer who can do it consistently. To make money you need Luck, to create wealth you need consistency. We at Stallion Asset have taken the easier way, we look at companies which can double their Profits in 2-3 years i.e. growing at 25-35% and

Are Markets Expensive?

The most asked Question to me by Investors these days is, are markets expensive?. Without Data you are just another person with an opinion. Lets Look at Sensex EPS Growth Data first from last 23 years. Sensex Normally has show 4-5 Years of Strong Earnings Growth, followed

Dusshera – Where should you Invest?

Investors are confused about where should they Invest Money this Dusshera, and today we will help you make this decision. Asset Classes Preferred by Investors Gold Silver Nifty Stallion Asset’s Model Portfolio Below is an Image of Returns of Various Asset Classes in last 12 years Dusshera to Dusshera

Kargil War and Sensex

India has Successfully done surgical Strikes in Pakistan Today. The Stock Market have become nervous and sold off sharply today. As I write this Sensex is down 480 points and Midcaps have fallen very sharply by 4%. We at Stallion Strongly believe in Data. The First thing I did after i saw this news was to see what happened to Sensex when Kargil War happened, Below is the market of Sensex in 1999-2000. Clearly Markets Rallied a lot after the Kargil War after an Initial Phase of Correction. I have stated many times that we have two important factors that affect the market Earnings Emerging

US Elections V/S Sensex

For the First Time, We at Stallion Asset have revealed our model Portfolio. This Morning We had a Query by one of our Clients regarding how will the outcome of the US Election affect our Portfolio. Lets First look at the history of Sensex Returns with Various Presidents. We have presented data for 9 Elections from 1981 as Sensex started in 1979. The US Polls are on the 8th of November 20