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Art of War & Investing

Those who know me know that I buy more books than I can finish. I sign up for more online courses than I can complete. I fundamentally believe that if you are not learning new things, you stop doing great and useful things. Today i thought why not combine ‘Art of War’ with Investing, a book i am greatly influenced by . I Learned about the book called ‘Art of War’ from this movie called &

Emerging Market Bull Market?

Trend is in favour of emerging markets and looks very strong for India – Shankar Sharma, First Global. On 12th September Shankar Sharma, who i am a fan of said that emerging markets are set for a major bull market. We went a little deeper to dig in the data points that suggest why he said what he said. We compared two Indexes MSCI Emerging market Index and MSCI World Index. MSCI World – The MSCI World Index captures large and mid cap representation across 23 Developed Markets countries. With 1,645 constituents, the index covers approximately 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization in each country. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index captures large and mid cap representation across 23 Emerging Markets (EM) countries.

The Next Crash?

“Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections or trying to anticipate corrections than has been lost in corrections themselves” -Peter Lynch. Every 2nd day i end up having a conversation about global market, as much a

Sensex Returns V/S EPS Growth

“Stock Returns are Slave of Earnings growth”- Warren Buffet Yesterday I was speaking to a client, and he said that fundamental’s don’t work in the market. I smiled but didn’t argue (Thank you Dale Carnegie for teaching me that). Today I am going to show you why exactly

Show Me The Trend

After Reading this blog you will never need to Agrue if Trends are Important or no. Since i have started my Retail Advisory, I have been asked many times that if I use fundamental or Technical Analysis for Investing. My Answer has always been, i use history, i learn from history about what has worked for last 50 years around the world in the Game of Investing. As Warren Buffet says ” What i have learned from History is that people don’t learn from History, and they repeat their Mistake”. Start My FREE TRIAL Today i want to Share a Secret, and that Secret is about Trends. I have seen a lot of technical guys cursing the fundamental ones and vice versa. I believe the only Goal we have is to create wealt

Pharma- The Dead Horse

“Tell Me where i am going to die so i wont go there” – Charlie Munger Stallion Asset is in the business of creating Wealth for its client and that’s my only goal. Today’s Blog Is not about Creating wealth, but about what Not to do. We have a clear Avoid in One sector and we believe you should stay away from it.

The Most Important Thing

Today I want to Share a Secret with you. Lately Markets have been in a strong up move and a lot of people ask me as to what i think about the direction of the market. To be honest, there are only a few people who i know who can predict the market but the best traders React rather than Predict. The Best Investors manage risk by taking a few chips off the table and entering again when valuations look reasonable. START YOUR FREE TRIAL . CLICK HEREAt Stallion Asset Office we don’t have a television. I read 4 Newspapers everyday between 6.30 am to 8.30am but i never see LIVE television. (I see videos of Buy Side Individuals online later). In Markets you have-to do the right thing and television forces you

Wealth Creation V/S Forecasting

This Blog is mostly about making money, but that is not my only focus. I try to understand the world and educate myself about the issues affecting it. I have thought about a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt many, many times. She said, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” In that spirit, I spend much of my time researching and learning about ideas. Start Your Free Trail NOW and Get 1 Multi-bagger Idea Today I want to discuss about how Investing Legends Create Wealth without Forecasting? Please Read our Blog “Being Right or Making Money” before reading this Blog. George Soros (the man who made bank

The Perfect Value Investor

Once in a  while, someone will ask me how i would structure an investment process. I’m still thinking about the

Ujjivan – Growth Unleashed

This Report on Ujjivan Finance was sent to our premium clients about 50 Days back on the 16/5/2016 at CMP 258.