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My Learnings From 2016

2016 was all about Anti-Consensus, a year where most analyst went wrong most of the Time. Personally i delivered the worse performance in 6 years even though it was positive it was below my historical standards, but my learning curve has gone to the next level. We Started 2016 at 7946 on Nifty and we will probably end it at between 7900 and 8000. But nifty doesn’t show the volatility an investor has gone through in 2016. #Anticoncensus 1 – Crude Price Doubles- 2016 Started with Fall of Crude Price. The consensus target among Large Investment banks like Goldman Sacks, Barclays, RBS etc for Crude price Target was 10-15$, well as we see it today, crude prices have doubled from its February low of 26$. I