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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Stallion Asset Help Me?
Stallion Asset is registered with SEBI (INH000002582) and provides high quality independent research reports. Stallion Asset’s investment philosophy is derived from 20 years of Historical Research of the biggest Wealth Creators in any 3 year period. We intend to buy stocks which have the ability to deliver outsized return in the next 1-2 years with a fair margin of safety. We give you buy and Sell recommendation with portfolio weightage of the stocks that we strongly believe can compound your money for long periods of time. You will also receive a research report and video research for every stock we recommend once you become a member
What Will Be The Time Horizon Of Your Investments?

We are not traders. We recommend an investment only if we believe the stock can atleast double in next 12-18 months.

We sell only if one of these things happens

1)      Better Investment Opportunity

2)      Story no longer Holds True

3)      Extremely Overvalued

4)      Long Term Breakdown in Stock, Sector or Market.

When Will My Account Be Activated?
Once you ‘Sign Up’ on Services Page, it will redirect you to a secure payment gateway ‘PayUMoney’ where you have multiple payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. Once you complete the transaction, login details will be mailed to your registered email address within 24 hours. You then become eligible to receive our old as well as new stock recommendations.
Can I Pay Via Cheque Or Deposit Cash In The Bank?
Yes you can courier the Cheque on the address given on the ‘contact us’ page or can deposit the Cheque in our bank account 
Account Name - Stallion Asset
Account Type - Current
Account Number - 201000294044
Bank/Branch - IndusInd Bank/ Juhu
IFSC: INDB0000153
Can I Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?

Fees once paid are non-cancellable and non-refundable

Do You Invest In The Stock Ideas Yourself?
Yes. My team and I invest in the same companies as you. I can guarantee you that a major portion of my net worth will move with yours for whatever time you elect us to be partners. I have no Interest in having an edge over you hence I will buy stocks only after I have recommended you; I Promise! I want to make money only when my members do in the same proportion as you. 
PS: SEBI doesn’t allow proprietor and its employees to take position in stock 30 days before recommendation and 5 days afte
r it.
What Makes Stallion Asset Different From Other Advisory Services?

Currently in the Indian Market there are two types of advisory services available

1)      Intraday Trading Advisory (Strongly advice to Ignore them)

2)      Long Term Buy & Hold Advisory

Our proprietary studies of the History of financial markets have proven that active buy & rotate strategy works a lot better than buy & hold strategy. The prospects of buy & rotate are better not only on returns but also lower drawdowns (risk). There has been a sector leader in every bull market in India in last 25 years and we intend to concentrate our portfolio in those 2-3 sectors. We use a combination of both Fundamental & Technical Analysis which ensures not only higher returns but also strong risk management (Technical Analysis is used only for risk management purpose). 

Why Choose Stallion Asset Over Mutual Funds?

Amit Jeswani, CFA, CMT who is the founder & CIO of Stallion Asset has beaten 100% of mutual funds in 2013 and 2014 in his prior venture Traders & Trainers. He has beaten 99.8% of mutual funds in 2015. We strongly believe that most mutual funds are in business of sales rather than creating any serious wealth. They are paid on the amount of money they manage rather than on performance. Infact research of last 15 years shows that majority of mutual funds underperform their benchmark. We have a strong vested interest in you making money as we understand that our renewals depend on your winnings.

Do We Use Leverage Instruments Like Future Or Options?

We believe derivatives are weapons of mass destruction and never use it for trading or hedging.  Most of our recommended companies are in the midcap space where there are no derivatives, but even if they were there we wouldn’t use it anyway.  

Can I Ask For Stock Specific Queries?

We encourage our members to ask us questions about companies we have recommended but there are 6000+ companies listed in the Indian Stock Market, which makes it impossible for anyone to have updated knowledge about every one of those. We cannot possibly cover all these companies, but even if we do cover companies we cannot as per SEBI rules share information to a select group of people. Though if you really like a company, you can mail us the thesis and we can discuss it over.

What Returns Can I Expect If I Take Research Services From Your Company?

Every company we add in our portfolio, we have internal target of more than 100% but not every company we buy delivers those kinds of returns.  We do lose money on some of our stocks as well if the story doesn’t play out as expected. On a portfolio level our goal is to achieve return of more than 25-30% compounded for long period of time. If you compound your money at 26% for next 10 years, you portfolio increases 10 times. We don’t see any other asset class except active stock selection giving you those kinds of returns.

Would There Be Stop Loss? Do You Recommend Based On Technical Indicators As Well?

We don’t use short term charts to predict the future. We don’t believe we have the ability to catch the top or the bottom. We strongly believe that wealth is made by catching that one big bubble. If you didn’t buy Information Technology in late 1990’s or Infrastructure in 2004 you missed out on a large opportunity.  The only sane way to trade a bubble is to keep a Trailing stop loss. On stocks which have large momentum, (bubble) we do use stop losses. 

Does Stallion Asset Have Brokerage Facility?

No, we are not a broking house. We are an Independent Equity Research firm. You are encouraged to choose a broker you are comfortable with.

For Whom Are These Services Not Suitable?

Our services are not suitable for investors with the following profile:

·         If you suffer from Activity syndrome and need constant activity (buying/selling) in the market. You are looking to get rich quick.

·         If you consider 1 year as a very long period for investment.

·         If you consider stock investing as gambling.

·         If you want entertainment and time pass from stock market rather than wealth creation.

·         If you believe, you can make money on intraday and weekly basis consistently by trading in equities.

If I Have Any Other Queries Besides The Ones Listed Here, Where Should I Contact?

For any other queries besides the ones listed above, please drop a mail at info@stallionasset.com

You can also call us at 022-40033944

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